Before you start your journey in trans dating, there are a few tips to remember before you step into the unique and exciting world of transgender dating.

Know the Basics First

Transgender people will only roll their eyes at you if you want to go on a date with them without even researching the basics first. The last thing they want to do is explain things to you.

It is easy to assume that you already know everything about trans people but if your knowledge only came from what you’ve read about on popular, chances are you don’t really know anything about them at all.

So, before you even think of trying transgender people, do your research first focusing on objective resources without any political connections whatsoever.

Ask What is Comfortable for Your Date and Respect That

It is something that applies to both trans and non-trans people. However, it is important that you don’t assume things as far as trans people are concerned. Make sure that you ask them about the specific pronouns that they prefer to use when addressing them if you are still in doubt. Also, you have to make sure that your date is already comfortable with you before you decide to take things to the next level.

There are some trans people suffering from body dysphoria. This is a condition where they have inherent discomfort with specific body parts like their secondary and primary sex characteristics. It goes much beyond not liking a body part. It might even feel completely alien to them. The parts that a person finds uncomfortable can differ from one person to another.

There is More to Your Date Than Being a Trans Person

There is nothing wrong if you got a strong preference for transgender people or you got some kind of unfulfilled fantasies about them. But, having these thoughts might make it very easy for you to objectify your date.

Don’t forget that your date is not only there to date you or offer you some sort of gratification. Make sure you do your best to see your date as what they are – humans who have their own agendas and wants.

Just like dating non-trans people, acknowledging their needs will also make it likely that they will be more than happy to fulfill yours.

Once again, dating a transgender is similar to dating non-transgender people. This is the one thing that you should always keep in mind more than anything else.

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